ver July 9, 2020

July 2020 Announcements

  1. We regret to inform that the 2020 Summer School has been cancelled due to COVID-19.
    Instead, for students and faculty interested in enrolling in the Human Science International Course in 2021, we are planning to host information events online in the coming fall semester. Faculty members and international students of the Human Science International Course will inform you about their field of study, student life in Japan, and enrollment procedures. Furthermore, depending on travel restrictions, we may be able to organize a One-day Seminar about Human Science and our International Course at host universities outside of Japan. Anyone interested in attending an online information event can contact Assoc. Prof. Gerard Remijn (remijn at or Ass. Prof. Ping Yeap Loh (py-loh at
  2. Since the Human Science International Course is being reorganized, April 2021 and October 2021 may be the final enrollment periods. The current Faculty members, however, will gladly continue to accept international doctoral students in the following years. If you are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree under supervision of one of our Faculty members, please contact him/her with a research proposal.

Human Science International Course