NameDoctoral Dissertation TitleLink to a Dissertation or Its AbstractPersonal HP
Sep 2020YEOH, Wen LiangGait Adjustments to Assistive Forces from a Smart Walker
Sep 2020REVILLA, Josefa Angelie DillaEffects of Short-Term Exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration on Physiological Responses and Hand Functions
Sep 2020HU, ShaoYingBasic Studies on Thermal Ergonomics of Clothing for Human Comfort and Performance
Mar 2020PAULUS, Yesaya TommyResearch on eye-gaze-based input for visual password authentication
Mar 2020CABRAL, João PaoloAuditory Icons: Research on their Design and Physical Characteristics
Mar 2020CHOI, Jee-WonMotor Control Characteristics of Muscle Force Release for External Assistance
Dec 2019VIDYARINI, EtikaEffects of Air Temperature Step Changes on Physiological Responses and Mental Task Performance in Indonesian and Japanese Subjects
Sep 2019NASIR, Nursalbiah, BintiEffects of assistive force on muscle activities during isometric elbow flexion
Sep 2019YU, JunStudy on Acceleration for Evolutionary Computation
Mar 2019PUNSONGSERM, RachapoomApproach to Design a Thai Universal Design Font
Sep 2018VORACHART, VarunyuStudy on Computational Intelligence Approaches for Design of Game Strategies
Mar 2017LOH, Ping YeapEffects of Wrist and Fingers Postures on the Median Nerve at Proximal Carpal Tunnel
Dec 2016NUR AFIAH, IrmaAge-specific and sex-related changes of gait in the Japanese elderly
Jun 2016PURWANINGRUM, LuluRedesigning Indonesian classroom furniture to ensure ease of transport by elementary school students
Sep 2014XIONG, JingHongThumb Performance and Movement Coverage on Smartphone Touchscreens
Mar 2014PEI, YanStudy on Efficient Search in Evolutionary Computation
Mar 2013ILHAM, BakriEvaluation of heat strain on firefighters wearing personal protective equipment
Mar 2013WIJAYANTO, TitisThermoregulatory responses and cognitive performance during passive heating in Japanese and tropical Asian males