Physiological Anthropology

NameResearch Area (research keywords)University HPPersonal HP
Takafumi MaedaEnvironmental Ergonomics, Physiological Anthropology, Thermal Physiology
Satoshi MurakiErgonomics , Exercise Physiology (assisting devices, care prevention, universal design, motion analysis, gait, usability, elderly)
Chihiro HiramatsuEvolutionary Biology, Genetics, Visual Psychophysiology
Takayuki NishimuraPhysiological Anthropology
LOH Ping YeapPhysical Ergonomics, Occupational Therapy

Perceptual Psychology

NameResearch Area (research keywords)University HPPersonal HP
Hiroyuki ItoPerceptual Psychology (visual perception, visual illusion)
Kazuo UedaPsychology of Hearing , Cognitive Psychology of Hearing (speech perception, speech analysis, short-term memory, L2 learning, timbre perception, pitch perception, psychophysical measurement of loudness, multivariate analysis of musical signals)
Shoji SunagaColor and Visual Sciences (color vision, color applications, color visual design, visual information processing)
Gerard B. RemijnPerceptual Psychology (auditory perception, visual perception, audiovisual perception, near-infrared spectroscopy, EEG)
Takeharu SenoPerceptual Psychology (Visual perception, Somatosensory perception) , Cognitive Psychology (time and number perception)

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

NameResearch Area (research keywords)University HPPersonal HP
Hideyuki Takagi Computational Intelligence (evolutionary computation, interactive evolutionary computation, humanized computational intelligence, human factors, neuro-fuzzy systems)
Osamu MaruyamaComputational biology and bioinformatics (modeling of biological data, Bayesian inference, machine learning)
Hiroshi Ito Chronobiology and Nonlinear dynamics (biological rhythms, circadian rhythms)
Motohide SekiTheoretical biology and Evolution