Emphasis Subjects credits type hours/week
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Spring Quarter Summer Quarter Fall Quarter Winter Quarter
Physiological AnthropologyAdvanced Environmental Ergonomics2lecture4
Advanced Ergonomics for All Ages and Abilities2lecture22
Assistive Technology and Science for Life Activity2lecture22
Advanced Visual Physiology2lecture4
Advanced Auditory Physiology2lecture22
Advanced Physiological Anthropology2lecture4
Perceptual PsychologyVisual Perception2lecture22
Auditory Perception2lecture22
Time Perception2lecture22
Advanced Color Science2lecture22
Applied Mathematics and Computer ScienceComputational Intelligence2lecture4
Mathematical Modeling in Biology2lecture22
Advanced Computational Statistics1lecture2
Advanced Machine Learning1lecture2
Advanced Mathematical and Data Sciences A1lecture2
Advanced Mathematical and Data Sciences B1lecture2
Common SubjectsAdvanced Human Science A2lecture22
Advanced Human Science B2lecture22
Advanced Scientific English2project22
Doctoral ProgramHS Training2project2222
HS Seminar III2project2222
HS Project Study I2project2222
HS Project Study II2project2222